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Oversight of ONS

The UK Statistics Authority is the legal successor body to the former Office for National Statistics (ONS), which ceased to exist as a separate entity on 1 April 2008.  On that date, ONS became the Authority's executive office, though it was decided that the office should retain the name 'Office for National Statistics'. The Authority took over ONS's former responsibilities as well as the statistical functions of the Registrar General, including the preparation and publication of the decennial population census. The Authority has powers to produce statistics, provide statistical services and promote statistical research.

The National Statistician, who is an executive member of the UK Statistics Authority, is also the Authority's Chief Executive and accountable to it for the operation of its executive office. They are also the Authority's principal adviser on professional statistical matters.

For more information about ONS, the Statistics Authority's executive office, please see the related link, About ONS.

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