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Sexual Health Statistics

We are currently assessing the following National Statistics produced by the Information Services Division of NHSScotland (ISD):

  • Sexual health, Key indicators population based indicators report;
  • Scotland's Sexual health information report; and
  • Abortion statistics.

We would like to hear from any current and potential users of these statistics. Meeting users' needs is at the heart of the Code of Practice, and collecting user views is an important part of the assessment process. Feedback can be in any form, but it would be particularly helpful to us if you could structure your response around the following areas:

  1. Why these statistics are of interest to you or your organisation. Please indicate which of the statistics you use, how you use them or how you would like to be able to use them.

  2. How well these statistics meet your needs, and how they could be improved. Please consider their comprehensiveness, the level of detail available, how accessible and timely they are, the commentary and presentation, and any explanations of methods or other available metadata.

  3. How satisfied you are with the way that the producer team in ISD engages and consults with you as a user. For example, if you have had any communication with them about these statistics in response to email enquiries, at user days or through more formal consultations.

  4. It may be useful for us to share your comments with ISD, to enable them to take account of your views as they develop the statistics. Please indicate clearly whether you are happy for us to pass your comments and contact details on.

We may want to contact you to discuss your views. Please indicate whether you are happy for us to do so, and provide contact details. You may send your response via email to the Assessment leader Penny Babb at or, if you would prefer to speak to Penny, please call 020 7014 2012.

Alternatively, our postal address is:

Monitoring & Assessment Team
Statistics House
Myddelton St

We look forward to receiving your comments.