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The Statistics Authority investigates important, topical or contentious matters relating to the UK statistical system. Such activity is rooted in the Authority's statutory role to monitor the production and publication of official statistics. Monitoring work relates to topics of quality, good practice or comprehensiveness, and covers subjects in a more cross-cutting way than assessment allows. The Authority's research can be in response to issues identified by the Authority itself, or raised with us either publicly or privately. A list of ongoing and proposed reviews is available on our Monitoring Work Programme page.

All of our investigations involve our own research, engagement with users and key stakeholders, independent external advice and consultation with the relevant statisticians. We bring these various views together to form our independent judgment, making recommendations for change where needed.

For our larger projects, we will publish an outline explaining the nature of the concern that has led to the work, and giving a broad outline of the proposed stages of the work, the way that we intend to engage with users, and so on. These are available here. We publish the results of our monitoring work in a series of reports and other material, which can be accessed here.