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Review Outlines

Monitoring Review Outlines set out the concern to which a Monitoring Review relates, address the issues to be explored in the Review, the geographic coverage of the Review, a broad timetable, and the broad methodology that we expect to follow in conducting the Review.

Outlines are published on this webpage when they have been agreed. They are subject to updating or amendment; if changed substantially the revised version will be placed on the website.

Outlines are prepared before the main work on a Review is undertaken. They serve both as a guide for the team doing the research and as an indication of work in hand for others who might wish to make a contribution to the Review.

Number Title
05/14  The Coherence and Accessibility of Official Statistics on Income and Earnings 99.2 Kb Pdf document
04/14  The management and presentation of official health statistics for a wide range of users 122.8 Kb Pdf document 
03/14  Use of Deflators in Official Statistics Publications 266.6 Kb Pdf document

Deflators Monitoring Review Steering Group: Term of Reference 110.4 Kb Pdf document

User Engagement Survey 59.5 Kb Pdf document
02/14  The adequacy of statistical audit of administrative data from which official statistics are produced 83.3 Kb Pdf document 
01/14  The influence of targets on the public value of official statistics 92.5 Kb Pdf document
05/13 Understanding Official Statistics in the Context of the Referendum on Scottish Independence in 2014 34.8 Kb Word document 
04/13  Patient Outcome Statistics in England 44.5 Kb Word document 
03/13 Ad-hoc statistical news releases 43.5 Kb Word document
02/13  The Use of Official Statistics by the Financial Services Industry 35.8 Kb Word document 
01/13  Hospital Waiting Times Statistics 44.5 Kb Word document 
04/12  School-level Examination Result Statistics 43 Kb Word document 
03/12  The Geography of Economic Statistics 38.9 Kb Word document 
02/12 Publishing Statistics at 09:30 39.4 Kb Word document
01/12  Robustness of the International Passenger Survey 38.9 Kb Word document