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Statistical Expenditure Reports

The Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007 requires the UK Statistics Authority to promote and safeguard the production and publication of official statistics that serve the public good, and to monitor and report on any concerns relating to quality, good practice or comprehensiveness.

The Statistics Authority's view is that decisions made by departments and agencies about their statistical budgets have to be subject to the same level of scrutiny as other departmental activities. However, part of that scrutiny must be careful consideration of the effect of any cuts on those organisations and individuals who depend on official statistics to inform their decisions and actions. This must include consideration of the possible effect on the production, publication and uses of statistics of national importance in other departments.

The Authority will identify and investigate any changes to departmental statistical work programmes where there are questions about whether user needs have been fully considered; where adequate consultation may not have been carried out; where the effects on other departments or other statistical series may not have been taken into account; or on the rationale underpinning the proposals more generally. Our findings will be published in a series of Statistical Expenditure Reports. Links to published Statistical Expenditure Reports are provided below.

Further information about the Authority's work in the areas of statistical expenditure is provided in a Statement published on 8 April.

Date Title
23 April 2013 Regional statistics produced by the Department for Communities and Local Government 60.8 Kb Pdf document
22 December 2011  Widening Participation in Higher Education, Statistics for England 65.2 Kb Pdf document 
22 December 2011  Adult Social Care Statistics for England  62 Kb Pdf document
22 September 2011  Scottish Population Surveys 68.9 Kb Pdf document 
7 July 2011  Statistics on smoking, drinking and health 75.7 Kb Pdf document 
14 June 2011  Scottish Schools Statistics 74.7 Kb Pdf document 
25 May 2011  Place Survey 45 Kb Pdf document 
8 April 2011 Citizenship Survey 79.2 Kb Pdf document