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GSS Recruitment

“Statistics matter. Every day in the UK, important decisions are made based on official statistics. It is impossible to open a newspaper or watch a news broadcast without seeing our statistics being used to inform the debate. I reflect with great pride on how we, across the Government Statistical Service, continue to contribute to this debate and decision making process”. National Statistician

The Government Statistical Service (GSS) is the UK’s largest producer of statistics. A professional body spread across more than 30 government departments and agencies, we collect, analyse and publish UK official statistics on all aspects of national life.

We collect, analyse and publish a wide range of high quality economic and social statistics to fulfill tow key roles:

  • Informing the public about social and economic matters, and
  • assisting in the development and evaluation of public policy

The GSS offers:

  • challenging jobs that directly influence decisions made by government, businesses and citizens,
  • networking across government, with academics, the international statistics community and other users of statistical information,
  • the opportunity to make a career in a range of professions, including statistics, economics, communication and operational delivery,
  • a commitment to innovation and making the GSS a world class statistical service.