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Working in the GSS

Who is in the GSS?

The GSS comprises those civil servants whose main work is to contribute to the delivery of statistical products and services. This includes people who have:

- relevant academic and other qualifications;

- experience of working in statistical and analytical areas;

- data collection and management skills;

- data presentation skills;

- other knowledge, experience and skills that are essential to the delivery of statistical products and services.

What does working in the GSS have to offer?

- challenging jobs that directly influence decisions made by government, businesses and citizens;

- networking across government, with academics, the international statistics community and with other users of statistical information;

- the opportunity to make a career in statistics and other specialisms;

- development and training, particularly in skills, such as data analysis and presentation, and Information Technology, which are in demand throughout the Civil Service and in the private sector;

- the ability to move - while remaining in the GSS - among departments, devolved administrations, government agencies and international bodies;

- a commitment to innovation and to making the GSS a world class statistical service.

What does the GSS expect of its members?

Members of the GSS, like all other civil servants, are expected to observe the Civil Service Code of Conduct. All GSS members, as well as civil servants involved in the production of official statistics, are expected to observe the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

The GSS expects its members to be competent in what they do, and to maintain and develop their competence. It also expects members to search for the excellence needed to make the GSS a world-class statistical service.

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