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Ministry of Defence

Government Statistical Service statisticians in the Ministry of Defence (MoD) work in the Defence Analytical Service Agency (DASA). DASA includes the Department’s Senior Economic Advisor and is managed within the centre of the department, through the Finance Director. It is spread over eight sites in the south of England, to maximise co-location with its wide range of customers. They have two principal roles:

  1. to provide economic, statistical and related management information, advice and research to underpin decision making, policy development and evaluation within the MoD, and 
  2. to contribute to the department’s accountability for its activities, through the publication of National Statistics on Defence, and by answering Parliamentary Questions (PQs), Freedom of Information requests (FOIs) and other requests for information. 

In performing these roles, they are responsible for:

  • Single Service and Tri-Service publications giving numbers, breakdown and analysis of Navy, Army and RAF personnel strengths, health, intake, outflow, deaths and injuries
  • MoD Civilian publications giving numbers, breakdown and analysis
  • survey, modelling and forecasting research of MoD Civilian and Service personnel
  • analysis of stock levels and prices of MoD stockholdings, and provision of price indices
  • statistics on military activity, for example, deployments, recruiting, flying and Search and Rescue
  • scrutiny and advice to support the Department’s investment decisions

Statistical products managed:
Total: 19
National Statistics: 17
Other Official Statistics: 2

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