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News 2010

Date Announcement
6 December 2010 Measures of Inflation  

PDF version also available 67.6 Kb Pdf document
7 October 2010 Standards for Statistical Releases

PDF version also available 50.8 Kb Pdf document
27 September 2010 Management information and research data as Official Statistics

PDF version also available 58.4 Kb Pdf document
21 September 2010 Statistics Authority publishes Annual Report for 2009/10

PDF version also available 41.1 Kb Pdf document
4 August 2010 Reflecting better the views of users in the Assessment process

PDF version also available 64 Kb Pdf document
29 July 2010 Assessment and Designation as National Statistics

PDF version also available 37.3 Kb Pdf document
27 July 2010 2011 England and Wales Census

PDF version also available 39 Kb Pdf document
23 July 2010 The value of statistical commentary  

PDF version also available 53.4 Kb Pdf document
15 July 2010 Value for money requirements in Code of Practice for Official Statistics 47.9 Kb Pdf document
30 June 2010 Statistics Authority publishes Monitoring Report on Strengthening User Engagement 43 Kb Pdf document
24 May 2010 Statistics Authority publishes Overcoming Barriers to Trust in Crime Statistics: England and Wales 55.5 Kb Pdf document
11 May 2010 Communication of measurements of inflation and consumer prices 40.5 Kb Pdf document
22 April 2010 Open Meeting - 3 June 2010: Strengthening User Engagement Interim Report 41.7 Kb Pdf document
31 March 2010 Statistics Authority publishes an Interim Report on Strengthening User Engagement 41.3 Kb Pdf document
30 March 2010  Future Policy for UK Official Statistics 62.1 Kb Pdf document
18 March 2010 Statistics Authority review of pre-release access arrangements 44.9 Kb Pdf document
17 February 2010 Appointments and Reappointments 55.5 Kb Pdf document
4 February 2010 Statistics Authority sets out position on violent crime figures 122 Kb Pdf document
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