Board and Committees

The UK Statistics Authority Board

The UK Statistics Authority conducts its business and manages its affairs through its monthly Board meetings.

Board Committees

The Board has established a number of committees to help carry out its statutory functions, and to obtain advice on matters within the Statistics Authority’s remit. These sub-committees may include persons who are neither members of the Statistics Authority nor its employees. Each of them may establish one or more sub-committees.

UK Statistics Authority Secretariat

The Statistics Authority has its own Secretariat. One of the Secretariat’s functions is to facilitate the work of the Board and its committees and sub-committees.

Change to Authority sub-committee structure

The UK Statistics Authority Board has streamlined its sub-committee structure by adopting the business of the former ONS Board and the Committee for Official Statistics, which ceased to exist with effect from October 2014.

The principal sub-committees of the Authority Board are: a Regulation Committee (formerly Assessment Committee), an Audit and Risk Assurance Committee, and a Remuneration Committee. Terms of reference are available in the documents below. In addition to these committees, the National Statistician chairs an executive group which manages the day-to-day business of ONS statistical production.


Standing Orders (187.6 Kb PDF document)

ADT Terms of Reference July 2017 (40 Kb PDF document)

Regulation Committee Terms of Reference (127.3 Kb PDF document)

Board and Committees Membership

UK Statistics Authority Board, Regulation Committee, Audit and Risk Assurance Committee & Remuneration Committee