Board Committees

The Board has committees to support its statutory functions and get advice on matters within the UK Statistics Authority’s remit. These committees may include persons who are neither members of the UK Statistics Authority nor its employees.

The committees of the Board are: a Regulation Committee (formerly Assessment Committee), an Audit and Risk Assurance Committee, and a Remuneration Committee. In addition to these committees, the National Statistician chairs an executive group which manages the day-to-day business of the Office for National Statistics’ statistical production.


Standing Orders and Terms of Reference

Standing Orders for the Board of the UK Statistics Authority (August 2019) (154 KB PDF)

Audit and Risk Assurance Committee Terms of Reference (September 2019) (120 KB PDF)

Regulation Committee Terms of Reference (October 2019) (106 KB PDF)



You can view minutes and papers here: Minutes and papers



Authority Board and Committees Membership


National Statistician’s Advisory Committees and Panels

National Statistician’s Statutory Committees and Panels

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