UK Statistical System

The UK statistical system is defined as all the organisations and persons responsible for producing official statistics in the UK. The key components of the statistical system are:

  • the Board of the UK Statistics Authority, who are responsible for promoting and safeguarding the production and publication of all UK official statistics, to ensure they serve the public good.
  • the Office for National Statistics, which is the executive office of the UK Statistics Authority, the largest producer of official statistics in the UK and the UK’s National Statistical Institute
  • the Government Statistical Service, which is community of all those involved in the production of official statistics in the UK. Led by the National Statistician , it is a flexible and diverse network of people across many different organisations, including government departments, agencies and the devolved administrations. It includes statisticians and others providing high quality information, analysis and advice to decision makers.

The UK statistical system operates within the context of the international statistical system. An information paper about the international statistical system is provided below.

An Introduction to the Global Statistical System (50.7 Kb PDF document)


The collection of official statistics in the UK has a long history; however the origins of our current statistical system can be dated to 1941, when the Central Statistical Office…


Key documents in the legislative formation of the UK's statistical system.