Bart Chudas

Photo of Bart Chudas

Consultant and Technical Project Lead, Ordnance Survey

Bart is a Consultant and Technical Project Lead with experience working with leading blue-chip organisations predominantly from telco, utilities and infrastructure sectors.

His area of expertise is within end-to-end data and information lifecycle, including collection and capture, data analysis, visualisation and data quality management.

Bart was involved in setting up data governance procedures, processes and best practice policy and standards on data capture, structure and rationalisation to provide single point of reference.

His good business sector knowledge and technical expertise enabled Bart to coach customers on how location data can improve business as usual practices across the sectors and departments within organisations.

On the various occasions working with Ordnance Survey’s international consulting arm Bart delivered number of technical and business workshops promoting data driven approach as decision making tool for government organisations.

Bart is also UX design advocate and supporter of open source data and technologies.

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