Kimberley Worthy

Principal Geospatial Consultant, Ordnance Survey
Kimberley has worked in technical, consulting and project management roles across Africa, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, South America and the United Kingdom. Her area of expertise is around developing data policy and strategising the application of smart geo-technologies to improve public services and create sustainable communities.

Working with Ordnance Survey’s international consulting arm, Kimberley travels regularly to meet with government organisations and stakeholders to strategise the implementation of smart technologies. Focus is on leveraging data to give cities the power to make the most informed decisions possible when it comes to city planning, revenue collection, land management, public services, resilience, social development and environmental protection. Geographic data when combined with other data sources provides a means of contextualising and spatially representing a scenario, enabling data-driven decision making. Forging relationships between the government and private sector, Kimberley works to challenge traditional approaches and pave the way for innovation and change.

Kimberley holds an MBA, a Master of Management, a Bachelor of Science (geography & geology) and has completed executive leadership training with Cambridge University. She is also a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society and a Chartered Geographer.

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