Etienne Caruana


Acting General Director of the National Statistics Office, Malta.

Mr Caruana has for several years held the post of Director of Social and Regional Statistics, with the responsibility for the following statistical domains: Demography; Migration ; Tourism; Living Conditions; Culture; Labour Market ; Information Society ; Education ; and Regions. In this role, he contributed actively to the design, collection, analysis and overall execution of several statistical projects, including the decennial population census, the Survey on Income and Living Conditions which he introduced to the NSO in 2005 and supervised for many years, and recently, the Household Budgetary Survey.

Both as Acting Director General and as Director of Social and Regional Statistics, Mr Caruana works closely with different national and international stakeholders that are either providers or main users of official statistics.  This experience is providing him with the opportunity to witness at first hand the challenges faced by national statistical institutes when collecting and compiling high-quality official data in a timely manner with minimal burden on respondents, as well as when assessing potential administrative data sources.

On many occasions during past years, Mr Caruana has provided technical assistance to foreign statistical institutes on a variety of data collection projects including the aforesaid Survey on Income and Living Conditions, the Labour Force Survey, the Labour Cost Survey, Tourism Statistics and Statistics on ICT Usage among Households and Enterprises. Mr Caruana also worked with Eurostat on Sector Reviews of the Labour Force Survey in Egypt and Israel.

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