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What is the Code?

The Code provides producers of official statistics with the detailed practices they must commit to when producing and releasing official statistics.

The Code ensures that the statistics published by government serve the public. When producers of official statistics comply with the Code, it gives users of statistics and citizens confidence that published government statistics are of public value, are high quality and are produced by people and organisations that are worthy of trust.

What do you want to know about the Code?

Click on a button below to find the information that’s most helpful to you. You can use this website to explore the pillars, principles and practices of the Code, find information about why the Code is important, and access guidance and resources.

Producing official statistics

The pillars, principles and practices of the Code, case studies and links to guidance.

Working in an organisation that
produces official statistics

Why the Code matters and one-page summaries of the Code.

Using official statistics

Finding statistics and data, and links to guidance on writing about statistics.

Producing other data and statistics

Voluntary application of the pillars of the Code.

Latest updates to the website

We added a new page for case studies of voluntary application of the Code. So far, the page has three case studies – for the Financial Conduct Authority, the Department for Work and Pensions and the Scottish Fiscal Commission – and we will add more over the coming months. Each case study explains why and how the organisation voluntarily applied Trustworthiness, Quality and Value.

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