Latest updates

November 2018

We released a guidance note with answers to some recent questions that we received about publishing official statistics and National Statistics.

We also added case studies on the Head of Profession’s role in assessing continued compliance with the Code (Principle T2: Independent decision making and leadership), being transparent about user engagement and quality management approaches (Principle T4: Transparent processes and management), and demonstrating transparency when linking and publishing data (Principle T6: Data governance).

September 2018

We added case studies on reviewing and amending statistics provisions (Principle V1: Relevance to users), sharing resources and collaborating (Principle T4: Transparent processes and management), and protecting the confidentiality and security of data (Principle T6: Data governance).

August 2018

We added a case study on how the Scottish Fiscal Commission is voluntarily applying the Code to produce its forecasts. Also have a look at this blog by the former Deputy Chief Executive of the Commission, which explains its approach to voluntary application.

May 2018

We published a series of blogs which may help you think about innovation and improvement in statistics. Have a look at: collaboration is key, engaging the audience, and overcoming barriers to change.

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