Sometimes, unpublished management information will feed in to published statistics. It is important that departments handle such data with care so that no action is taken which might damage public trust in the official statistics. This guidance sets out best practice advice as to how departments should treat management information in order to get maximum value from it while protecting public trust in official statistics.

Target audience:

All users of management information in relation to the production of National and Official Statistics

Policy details

Metadata item Details
Version number:1.0
Mandatory or optional?

Provides best practise guidance for using MI that feed into national and official statistics. Pre-release access sections are mandatory as per the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

Effective date:1 June 2016
Next recommended review date:1 June 2018
Frequency of review:2 years
Primary contact:

Joe Cuddeford

Author:Joe Cuddeford
Commissioner:National Statistician’s Task and Finish Group: Management Information
Approver:National Statistician – John Pullinger
Date of approval:1 June 2016

Version history

Version Date Title Changes
1.0 1 June 2016 National Statistician's Guidance: Management Information and Official Statistics

First release

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