Monitoring / Strategic Interventions

The UK Statistics Authority monitors the production and publication of official statistics to identify any system-wide issues relating to the public value of statistics, their trustworthiness or quality. Where an issue is identified, it may then be subject to more detailed investigation. This would include consulting with producers and users of statistics, and independent external experts. This programme of work has been known as ‘Monitoring’and produced ‘Monitoring Outputs’, however as of 2016/17 we are referring to the activities we undertake based on monitoring as ‘Strategic Interventions’. The programme of on-going and new pieces of work can be seen on our Monitoring/ Strategic Interventions Work Programme page and suggestions of things that we might consider exploring in future are welcome. The outcomes of strategic investigations will often be published reports with recommendations for change, but we may also hold round table meetings or workshops to help identify and address issues with official statistics.

Strategic Intervention Programme

Topics the Statistics Authority is currently working on

Administrative Data and Official Statistics

The UK Statistics Authority’s Regulatory Standard for the quality assurance of administrative data.