Systemic Review Programme

Begun in 2014/15

The Coherence and Accessibility of Official Statistics on Income and Earnings – This area of work aims to generate significant enhancements in the value of official statistics on income and earnings; a report from February 2015 highlighted the issues and gave recommendations for ONS, DWP and HMRC to address. An update against the recommendations from January 2016  was followed by an exchange of correspondence with John Pullinger in June and July 2016. The latter included a welcome Action Plan and a further update against this, is expected in December 2016.

Begun in 2015/16

  • Crime and justice statistics – We published our view of the Public value of crime and justice statistics across the UK in April 2017. We will convene roundtables with producer organisations in the summer of 2017 to explore how collaboration across the different UK administrations and data sharing between organisations within an administration can further increase the public value achieved.
  • Statistics and City Regions – we proposed and co-hosted a roundtable event in March 2016 and a note on the outcomes of this has been published. Building on this, there was an ONS/ Centre for Cities public policy forum on ‘Data for Devolution’ in October 2016 and we will continue to look for realisation of the evident intention to provide more relevant data.
  • Improving coherence and accessibility of English Health Statistics – we held a very positive round table in February 2016 involving 10 senior decision makers in the health sector, published ‘Health Statistics – Direction of Travel’ in March 2016 and held a larger ‘Health and Care Statistics Summit’ in July 2016 (note). The round table identified 3 key issues that can be summarised as:
  1. Needing to tie down how the various statistical producers in the system should work together given the organisational complexity
  2. Needing statisticians to be adding real analytic value and to be at the decision-making table
  3. Needing a public statistical voice that works across multiple bodies

In direct response to the Summit, ONS is now coordinating a new English Health Statistics Steering Group and developing an Action Plan to address the issues raised. We will convene a further roundtable on 6th December and hold a second Summit in the Summer of 2017.

Beginning in 2016/17

  • Housing – we will examine the coherence and accessibility of housing data in the UK, looking also at any quality concerns and data gaps. A summary of the approach is available.
  • International migration – we are exploring the extent to which the available data on international migration meet the needs of society and what might be done to fill any gaps. Here is a summary of our approach.

The Office for Statistics Regulation will keep the programme of systemic reviews under regular review, and expects to revise it as new issues and priorities arise; we have developed a scoping template to help us explore new potential work areas and prioritise between them.

If you have any comments on this element of the work programme, please contact Kerstin Hinds:

01329 447700