National Statistician’s Review of Housing Market Statistics

The National Statistician has carried out a review of official housing market statistics to ensure that users’ needs are met as effectively as possible. The report of the first stage of the review, on house prices, was published in December 2010 concluded that there should be one headline official house price index which meets key user needs. This should be accompanied by a regular official statistics report, presenting and analysing the official house price measures and their relationship to non-official sources and the wider housing market indicators.

The second stage of the review, published in September 2012, builds on the first stage review by examining the wider official housing market statistics currently available. The review into the wider official housing market statistics concluded that:

  • There is a need to ensure that housing market statistics are more easily accessible and better placed in the context of related statistics. There should be an (at least) annual article of key trends in the UK housing market to aid this.
  • In some instances, local area statistics are not available or are not timely enough to be of use. In these cases, the ability to make local area statistics available or timelier should be investigated further.
  • A gap exists in official private rental statistics. Official private rental statistics and a private rental price index should be developed for the UK.

Following publication of the second stage review, a user event was held in October 2012 in conjunction with the Housing Statistics Network (HSN).
This user event focused on gaining user input in order to take the reviews recommendations forward. It concluded that although all the review’s recommendations were a priority, particular importance should be placed on developing an official private rental index, making official housing market statistics more readily accessible (particularly at the local area level) and publication of an annual article. Progress towards implementing these recommendations are now being taken forward by a group of official housing market statistics producers chaired by David Fry, Head of Profession for statistics at the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG). This group is expected to report back on its progress by March 2014.

Both stages of the review on house price and housing market statistics can be found under the ‘Related links’ section on the right of this page.

The National Statistician continues to welcome comments on official housing market statistics.

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