Department for International Development (DfID)

Statisticians in the Department for International Development (DfID) are embedded in teams across the department. Some are based in overseas offices. The Head of Profession for Statistics is located within the Global Development Effectiveness Division and manages a team working on international statistical system issues. They are responsible for the production of ‘Statistics in Development’, a National Statistic published each October, and for the oda/gni ratio (official development assistance as a proportion of Gross National Income) statistical release which tracks UK progress towards the 0.7 per cent commitment.

Statisticians in DfID are involved in the following key areas:

  • aid financing statistics and reporting to the OECD Development Assistance Committee
  • corporate performance (evaluation, demonstrating results)
  • monitoring progress towards the Millennium Development Goals
  • policy development and use of evidence
  • engaging and influencing the international statistical system
  • supporting statistical capacity building in developing countries

Statistical products managed:
Total: 3
National Statistics: 1
Other Official Statistics: 2