Department for Transport (DfT)

There are three Statistics Divisions in DfT, each managed by a Chief Statistician. They are out-bedded in different directorates to be closer to main policy customers – Logistics, Aviation and Maritime, which includes the Head of Profession, is in Maritime and Dangerous Good Directorate; Roads, which is in Road Pricing and Statistics Directorate; and Travel, which is in Regional and Local Transport Policy Directorate. There are also small numbers of statistical staff out-bedded into policy or operational units, such as rail. They are responsible for the delivery of statistical information, advice, analysis and publications to support DfT key objectives:

  • sustaining economic growth and improving productivity through reliable and efficient transport networks, including road traffic estimates and counts, information on congestion (two Public Service Agreement (PSA) targets), passenger traffic, freight, ports etc
  • improving the environmental performance of transport including monitoring two PSA targets that are held jointly with DEFRA
  • strengthening the safety and security of transport, including information on speed, road accident statistics (PSA target), drink / drive statistics and car, passenger and road safety
  • enhancing access to jobs, services and social networks, including for the most disadvantaged, by monitoring personal travel, using the National Travel Survey (of households), and statistics on buses (PSA target), taxis, and rail; monitoring local authority travel plans and public awareness and attitudes.
  • influencing the development and planning on transport statistics in international organisations and co-ordinating the supply of transport data to them

Statistical products managed:
Total: 41
National Statistics: 37
Other Official Statistics: 4