Department of Health (DH)

The great majority of statisticians in DH are embedded in policy directorates (typically covering policies on health services, public health or social care). Statisticians, working with other analytical professions, notably economists and operational researchers, now support most directorates. All DH statistical staff have a professional line to the Statistics Head of Profession (HoP) but the HoP does not have a line management responsibility for all statistical staff.

We are responsible for providing statistical and analytical advice to Ministers and policy officials to support policy development and service delivery across the range of the Department’s responsibilities including as a department of state; as the NHS HQ for England; and providing leadership in public health and in adult social care.

Whilst most collection and publication is now with the NHS Information Centre, some is still in DH, most notably:

  • Hospital Waiting (including Referral to Treatment)
  • Hospital Activity
  • Abortions

A range of outputs designed to support and monitor particular policy areas and government targets.