Food Standards Agency (FSA)

GSS statisticians working in the FSA work in the Statistics Branch, part of the Analysis and Research Division (ARD). ARD covers economics, operational research, statistics, social research and scientific data quality.

The Head of the Statistics Branch is also the Head of Profession for Statistics. They are responsible for statistical support, covering the broad remit of the FSA. This includes:

  • support to the extensive research and survey programme of FSA, including the design of electronic questionnaires.
  • support purpose built software for FSA staff for assessment of food intakes – and provide a GIS service and specialist statistical software advice.
  • provide analytical and statistical support for any data sources obtained by FSA and also critiques of research and data reports from any source.
  • support the FSA’s ‘incidents’ and Local Authority Enforcement Monitoring work, providing statistical support and insight wherever required.