HM Treasury (HMT)

There is no separate statistics organisation within HM Treasury (HMT). Statisticians work in a variety of different divisions, with professional responsibility to the Head of Profession (HoP). The HoP is Head of the Public Sector Finance team (PSF) in the Macroeconomic and Fiscal Policy directorate. Most statisticians in HMT spend all or part of their time either providing statistical advice to Treasury ministers and policy officials, or on other activities such as providing forecasts of the public finances and related advice to the Chancellor. Other statisticians are engaged in distributional analysis of tax and benefit policy. The main Government Statistical Service outputs are in the following areas:

  • Public Sector finances – monthly National Statistics release, joint with the Office for National Statistics
  • public expenditure statistical analysis¬† – annual publication and other National Statistics releases at three additional times a year

Statistical products managed:
Total: 4
National Statistics:  4