Information Centre for Health and Social Care (IC)

The NHS Information Centre provides facts and figures to help the NHS and social services run effectively.

Statisticians in the organisation are professionally responsible to the Head of Profession for Statistics and are responsible for the delivery of statistics covering the following key topics/areas:

  • Audits and performance (eg Ambulances and Quality and Outcome Framework)
  • Health and lifestyles (eg Alcohol, Contraception, Obesity, Smoking)
  • Hospital care (eg Hospital Episodes, Maternity)
  • Mental Health (eg Mental Health Act)
  • Population and geography (eg GP Registered Populations)
  • Primary care (eg General Practice, Dentistry, Prescriptions)
  • Screening (eg Breast and Cervical Cancer)
  • Social care (eg Carer Support, Learning Disability)
  • Workforce (eg NHS staff numbers, earnings and vacancies)