National Health Service in Scotland (NHS(S))

ISD is a division of NHS National Services Scotland (NSS), an NHS Board that provides a wide variety of national and specialist services such as Blood Transfusion, Health Protection, Procurement, Practitioner Payment as well as advice to the NHS in Scotland and to the Scottish Government.

The NSS Board Chairman is appointed by the Scottish First Minister, and the Chief Executive of NSS is accountable to the Director-General Health in the Scottish Government (who is also the Chief Executive of NHS Scotland). ISD’s Director is statistical Head of Profession for NHS National Services Scotland.

ISD is responsible for the development, collection, governance, analysis and publishing of the majority of health and care data and statistics in Scotland. ISD’s purpose is to deliver effective national and specialist intelligence services to improve the health and wellbeing of people in Scotland.

Our core customers are the NHS Health Boards in Scotland, the Scottish Government and Scotland’s local authorities.