non-Crown bodies

The Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007 defines ‘official statistics’ as those produced by Crown bodies. The Act also makes provision for Ministers to set-out in secondary legislation which non-Crown bodies may also be regarded as producers of ‘official statistics’.

If the statistics produced by a non-Crown body are ‘official statistics’, this means that:

  • those statistics can be monitored, scrutinised and assessed by the UK Statistics Authority, who can subsequently comment on them
  • those statistics will be eligible for assessment to become ‘National Statistics’, and
  • the Code of Practice for Official Statistics (including the rules and principles for pre-release access) will apply to statistics produced by those bodies. However, unless those statistics are designated as National Statistics, compliance with the Code is encouraged, but not mandatory.

A list of non-Crown bodies that are currently regarded as producers of official statistics is set out in the Schedule to the Official Statistics Order 2010, and a list of non-Crown bodies in Scotland is set out in the Official Statistics (Scotland) Order 2008 and the Official Statistics (Scotland) Amendment Order 2010.

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A list of official and national statistics produced by non-Crown bodies as at June 2016 is available via the Download on the right-hand side of this page.