Compliance checks

The Office for Statistics Regulation has introduced a series of compliance checks. These are shorter pieces of work than assessments, providing a high-level review of the extent to which the statistics meet the highest standards of trustworthiness, quality and public value. They enable us to extend our regulatory reach wider than assessment alone permits. Some are pre-planned, but our programme is flexible enough to respond to salient issues as they arise.

Compliance checks largely involve desk research by our regulatory team, and we speak with users, producer teams and other stakeholders as relevant. We are flexible in the coverage of each of the checks, in order to focus on those matters that are most pertinent to the particular set of statistics. We ground any recommendations made in the relevant aspects of the Code of Practice for Statistics.

We undertake compliance checks with one or more of the following objectives in mind:

  • To confirm compliance with the Code of Practice in those areas investigated, and hence that the National Statistics status should continue
  • To identify whether any immediate enhancements are necessary for the producer body to be able to maintain National Statistics status, or whether National Statistics status should be withdrawn
  • To help evaluate and decide whether a full re-assessment would be appropriate to explore the statistics more deeply

We welcome users’ views about any of the statistics covered by the compliance checks listed in our regulatory work programme. Please email the regulation team to share your views with us.

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