Northern Ireland House Condition Survey statistics

We are currently assessing the extent to which the Northern Ireland House Condition Survey (NIHCS) statistics produced by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) meet the professional standards set out in the statutory Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

The Code of Practice covers a wide range of issues such as the quality of the statistics, their accessibility and the way that the producer body engages with users of the statistics. Capturing the views of users, and potential users, forms an important part of our judgment about the statistics, including how they could be improved. Feedback can be in any form, but it would be particularly helpful to us if you could structure your response around the following areas:

  1. Which of the NIHCS statistics do you use, and for what purposes? Please be as specific as possible. For example, if you use the statistics to provide briefing and further analysis to others, it would be helpful to know what the end use is, and in particular what types of decision are made based on the statistics.
  1. To what extent do you think that the statistics maximise value added and shine a light on important issues in society? How do you think that they could be developed to help them become more valuable?
  1. Are the statistics of sufficient quality for your needs, in particular do you consider them to be accurate enough, relevant and appropriately coherent with other data sources? Do you have any concerns about the methods used to produce the statistics? How clear is the advice from NIHE about the strengths and limitations of the statistics? What further information would you like?
  1.    Is the presentation of the statistics (through charts, tables, infographics and commentary) helpful to you? How could presentation be improved?
  1.    How do you usually access the latest statistics, for example, from NIHE’s website, from the media etc? How could access be improved?
  1.    How does NIHE engage with you as a user? Are there any areas where you would welcome improved engagement? For example, from answering your data queries, through to the future development of aspects of the statistics?
  1.    We welcome comments on any other aspect of these statistics which you think might be relevant to our assessment.
  1. Finally, it may be useful for us to share your comments with NIHE to enable them to take account of your views. Please could you advise if you happy for us to pass your comments and contact details on?

We may want to contact you to discuss your views. Please indicate whether you are happy for us to do so, and provide contact details. You may send your response via email to or, if you would prefer to speak to Donna Hosie (01329 447701) or Emma Nash (01329 447706).

Alternatively, our postal address is:

Monitoring & Assessment Team
Room 1.004
Statistics House, Cardiff Road
Newport, NP10 8XG

We look forward to receiving your comments by 31 August 2016.

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