Programme of Assessment


Official statistics are awarded National Statistics status following an assessment by the Office for Statistics Regulation. Acting on our advice, the UK Statistics Authority considers whether the statistics meet the highest standards of Code compliance, including the value they add to public decisions and debate, and confers National Statistics designation on those that do.

Programme for 2017/18

The sets of statistics that we intend to assess during 2017/18 can be seen in our regulatory work programme. We will supplement assessment with a programme of compliance checks. It is expected that some of those compliance checks will result in the need for full assessment, and these will be considered for the programme in due course.

The regulatory team will discuss the detailed scope and timing with producers closer to the time of each individual assessment. Consequently, assessments may not start at exactly the time indicated here, nor have the same composition as currently envisaged.

Some of the assessments listed have been discussed in principle by officials, and are subject to them being formally requested by the appropriate authority as defined in section 12 of the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007.

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