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Office for Statistics Regulation Business Plan 2019/20

This business plan is presented as we develop our vision and mission for the coming years. Our ambition is that statistics serve the public good. People should have confidence in statistics produced by government: confidence that the statistics published are an accurate reflection of what they aim to measure and confidence that the statistical system will provide the statistics needed to support public discourse and inform decision makers.

Our business plan and associated work programme set out how we will work towards this ambition during 2019/20. We will focus on enhancing the trustworthiness, quality and value of key statistics, including through assessments of important outputs such as Labour Market Statistics and Hospital Activity Statistics. We will also continue to promote voluntary adoption of the Code of Practice for Statistics, an area where we have already seen significant benefits from organisations considering the Code of Practice as they produce statistical and other analytical outputs.

To achieve our ambition we cannot work in isolation. We will: continue to work with others to identify and share research on the public impact of statistics; be building key alliances to help us develop our understanding of the public good and the impact of the changing world for statistics use and production; and be working with producers of statistics to emphasise the importance of statistical leadership and statistics which support public use.

This is an exciting time in the development of statistics and data and we believe we have a central role in championing good practice and supporting improvement to ensure statistics serve the public good.

Ed Humpherson, Director General for Regulation

Professor Anne Trefethen, Chair, Regulation Committee

More detailed information on the projects that underpin our priorities for 2019/20 is set out in our Regulatory Work Programme.

Contact us via the regulation team email or speak directly to one of our team.

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