Systemic Review Programme

This page gives an overview of ongoing and planned projects designed to improve the public value of UK statistics:

  • UK Crime and justice statistics – We published our view of the Public value of crime and justice statistics across the UK in April 2017 based on work summarised in our outline approach. As a follow-up we discussed with producer organisations how collaboration across the different UK administrations and data sharing between organisations can further increase the value of these statistics. Producer organisations have come together in a crime and justice working group to take this forward. We will publish an update on their progress in summer 2018. We are now speaking to stakeholders as part of a more detailed exploration of UK statistics on justice and intend to report our findings by the end of April 2018.
  • Health and care statistics in England – having identified a number of systemic issues affecting health and care statistics in England we convened a group of senior decision makers in the sector who met to gain common understanding of the issues and ways forward in March and December 2016 and May 2017. We also held a wider ‘Health and Care Statistics Summit’ in July 2016.  In direct response to our work, the English Health Statistics Steering Group has been set up and developed an Action Plan to address the issues raised; there have also been some improvements to statistical outputs. We held a large Health and Social Care Conference on November 28th 2017 to give users of statistics in this area a chance to give their views on the change process underway and where further developments are needed.
  • Housing and planning – we have spoken to over 60 stakeholders in exploring the public value of housing statistics in the UK, published in November 2017. We are now going to work with producers to support improvements.
  • International migration – we have been exploring the extent to which the available statistics on international migration meet the needs of society and what might be done to fill any gaps. We held a roundtable meeting in October 2017 with stakeholders interested in migration, employment and business and another in November 2017 on the topic of migration and local public service delivery. Our summary report provides details of the roundtables’ main findings, actions, our recommendations and next steps.
  • Data linkage – we are planning a piece of work to explore ways the public value of statistics could be enhanced through data linkage which will look at opportunities, barriers and possible improvements. We have published an outline of the approach.
  • Children, Education and Skills (CES) – We are planning to look at innovations and improvements being made to CES statistics and have published an outline of our approach.
  • Agriculture and Environment – We are scoping a project to look at the public value of statistics on agriculture and the environment. We will publish an outline of our approach when available.
  • The Coherence and Accessibility of Official Statistics on Income and Earnings – This area of work aims to generate enhancements in the public value of official statistics on income and earnings; a report from February 2015 highlighted the issues and gave recommendations for ONS, DWP and HMRC to address. An update against the recommendations from January 2016 was followed by an exchange of correspondence with John Pullinger in June and July 2016 and April 2017. While there have been some notable improvements, there remain some important issues to address, including around producing a timely measure of income from self-employment.
  • Statistics and City Regions – we proposed and co-hosted a roundtable event in March 2016 and a note on the outcomes of this has been published. Building on this, there was an ONS/ Centre for Cities public policy forum on ‘Data for Devolution’ in October 2016 and we are now monitoring data improvements as they come on stream.

We will keep the programme of systemic reviews under regular review. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact Kerstin Hinds   Tel: 01329 447700

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