Our Business Plan

Office for Statistics Regulation Business Plan 2017/18

This plan sets out our aims for 2017/18, and what we will do to achieve them. We are placing the public interest in statistics at the heart of our work.

It is an important time, both for us as the Office for Statistics Regulation and for statistics. Data are increasingly abundant, and this brings huge opportunities to statistics. At the same time, it is essential to maintain public confidence in statistics, which can be undermined by poor quality, lack of relevance and misuse.

This year, we will publish a refreshed Code of Practice which will emphasise the need to maximize the public value of Government statistics; we’ll publish our first Annual Review looking at the state of the statistical system; and we’ll undertake a range of projects to support better statistics in crucial areas, including economic statistics, migration, housing, data linkage, and health and care. More detailed information on our priorities are set out in our Regulatory Work Programme.

The way we’ve developed this business plan reflects, I hope, our openness – it’s the first time we’ve consulted publicly on our plans and we’re very grateful to the people who provided comments. As we work through this year I would welcome at any time any further thoughts you may have on other topics you think are important.

Ed Humpherson
Director General for Regulation

Contact us via regulation@statistics.gov.uk or speak directly to one of our team.


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