One of our key roles is to use our voice to stand up for statistics and to represent the public, monitoring and reporting publicly where we have concerns about the dissemination and use of statistics and highlighting good practice. Casework is the tool that best allows us to be responsive and investigate issues quickly as they arise.

There are two main routes to an issue becoming casework:

  • we identify the issue
  • someone brings the issue to our attention

The Authority’s role in making public interventions on the use of statistics’ explains how cases are brought to our attention and the factors we consider in determining if and how to intervene. The topics covered by casework can be varied, for example, around misuse of statistics, or questions may be posed about an aspect of the quality or presentation of a set of statistics.

The Authority maintains an issues log – a running record of statistical matters that have been raised with the Authority.

The searchable Correspondence area contains all published casework letters.

You can report a concern about the quality and/or use of official statistics by emailing

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