Compliance checks

Compliance checks are short, focused pieces of work that provide a high-level review of the extent to which the statistics meet the standards of trustworthiness, quality and value set out in the Code of Practice for Statistics.

The portfolio of National Statistics is large. Compliance checks allow us to cover a wider range of statistical outputs by enabling us to confirm continued compliance with the Code, and therefore continuation of National Statistics status, for a particular output or outputs without the need for a full reassessment. Compliance checks also enable us to:

  • pick up on key issues
  • help support learning for producers
  • determine whether a full assessment is required

We identify potential candidates for compliance checks and get requests from producer bodies to carry out checks. Possible outcomes of a compliance check include:

  • confirmation of continued designation as National Statistics
  • a set of recommendations to be acted on swiftly to maintain compliance with the Code
  • potential de-designation of the statistics and/or a decision to undertake a full assessment against the Code

We will usually inform the producer of our findings through a published letter. The searchable Correspondence area contains all published compliance check letters.

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