Publications Calendar

This calendar includes formal regulatory decisions. It does not include ad-hoc publications such as letters and statements, blog posts or other work not in our planned work programme.

PublicationMonthFurther information
Compliance Check: Benefit Cap StatisticsMay 2019Postponed from February 2019
Compliance Check: Universal Credit StatisticsMay 2019Postponed from February 2019
Compliance Check: Affordable Housing ProvisionJune 2019
Designation Decision: DCMS Sectors Economic EstimatesJune 2019Postponed from May 2019
Systemic Review: Adult Social Care: Wales ReportJune 2019Postponed from May 2019
Assessment: Air Quality Statistics in the UK and Emissions of Air Pollutants in the UKJuly 2019Postponed from April 2019
Compliance Check: Further Education and Skills seriesJuly 2019Postponed from March 2019
Compliance Check: UK Gross Domestic Expenditure on Research and DevelopmentJuly 2019Postponed from January 2019
Insight: CoherenceJuly 2019Postponed from February 2019
Regulatory Work Programme UpdateJuly 2019
Systemic Review: Use of Statistics in Public Discourse: Media AnalysisJuly 2019Systemic Review Outline
Compliance Check: School Leaver Attainment and Initial Destinations StatisticsAugust 2019
Compliance Check: Key Stage 4 and Multi-Academy Trust PerformanceSeptember 2019
Compliance Check: Office for Rail and RoadSummer 2019
Compliance Check: Road Safety StatisticsSummer 2019
Designation Decision: Cancer Survival StatisticsSummer 2019Assessment Report
Designation Decision: Northern Ireland Civil Service Sickness Absence StatisticsOctober 2019Assessment Report
Assessment: National Rail Passenger SurveyAutumn 2019
Compliance Check: International Trade in ServicesTBCPostponed from March 2019
Designation decision: UK Trade AssessmentTBCPostponed from March 2019
National Statistics List UpdateTBCPostponed from July 2019
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