Publications Calendar

This calendar includes formal regulatory decisions. It does not include ad hoc publications such as letters and statements, blog posts or other work not in our planned work programme.

Publication Month Further information
Review: NHS performance measuresNovember 2018Previously listed as October 2018 in error.
Compliance Check: Household Projections for EnglandNovember 2018
Compliance Check: HESA – Higher Education Student StatisticsNovember 2018
Assessment: ONS Avoidable Mortality Assessment ReportNovember 2018Assessment Page
Designation update: Regional GVA (Balanced Estimates)November 2018Assessment Findings
National Statistics List and work programme updateNovember 2018Postponed from October 2018.
Work Programme
Compliance Check: UK Sea Fisheries StatisticsDecember 2018
Compliance Check: Scottish Sea Fisheries StatisticsDecember 2018
Compliance Check: Northern Ireland Final Results of June Agricultural CensusDecember 2018
Compliance Check: Wales Survey of Agriculture and HorticultureDecember 2018
Compliance Check: Scotland Results from June Agricultural Census Compliance CheckDecember 2018
Compliance Check: Foreign Direct InvestmentDecember 2018
Compliance Check: Changing MethodsDecember 2018
Compliance Check: Population ProjectionsDecember 2018
Assessment: DCMS Sectors Economic EstimatesDecember 2018Assessment Page
Systemic Review: Progress Update on HousingDecember 2018Systemic Review Report
Systemic Review: National Accounts ClassificationsDecember 2018Systemic Review Outline
Compliance Check: Homelessness in ScotlandJanuary 2019
Compliance Check: Homelessness in WalesJanuary 2019
Compliance Check: UK Gross Domestic Expenditure on Research and DevelopmentJanuary 2019
Systemic Review: PolicingJanuary 2019
National Statistics List and work programme updateJanuary 2019Work Programme
Compliance Check: Universal Credit StatisticsFebruary 2019
Compliance Check: Northern Ireland Housing StatisticsFebruary 2019
Assessment: Country and Region AnalysisFebruary 2019
Spotlight reportFebruary 2019
Compliance Check: Measuring Tax GapsMarch 2019
Compliance Check: Scottish Government Quarterly Housing UpdateMarch 2019
Compliance Check: Scottish Government Housing Statistics Annual Key TrendsMarch 2019
Compliance Check: Welsh Government New House BuildingMarch 2019
Compliance Check: Welsh Government Affordable Housing ProvisionMarch 2019
Compliance Check: Benefit Cap StatisticsMarch 2019
Assessment: Northern Ireland Civil Service Sickness Absence StatisticsMarch 2019
Assessment: Labour Productivity AssessmentMarch 2019
Systemic Review: Public Finances in a Devolved UKMarch 2019Systemic Review Outline
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