Publications Calendar

This calendar includes formal regulatory decisions. It does not include ad-hoc publications such as letters and statements, blog posts or other work not in our planned work programme.

Please note: The next update of this calendar will take place after the December 2019 election period. Anything we had planned to publish during the pre-election period will now be published at a later date. For more information about the Authority’s publishing arrangements during the pre-election period please see this notice.

PublicationMonthFurther information
Systemic Review: Adult Social Care - England reportOctober 2019
Systemic Review: Adult Social Care - Scotland reportNovember 2019Postponed from October 2019
Assessment: Annual Purchase SurveyNovember 2019Postponed from Summer 2019
Assessment: National Rail Passenger SurveyNovember 2019
Compliance Check: Civil Service StatisticsNovember 2019
Compliance Check: Consumer Prices Index including owner occupiers’ housing costs (CPIH)November 2019
Compliance Check: Police Powers and ProceduresNovember 2019
Compliance Check: Police WorkforceNovember 2019
Compliance Check: Recorded Crime in ScotlandNovember 2019
National Statistics List UpdateNovember 2019Postponed from July 2019
Compliance Check: Child Healthy Weight Statistics EnglandDecember 2019
Compliance Check: Child Healthy Weight Statistics ScotlandDecember 2019
Compliance Check: GB Internet AccessDecember 2019
Designation Decision: Statistics on Government Spending: Country and Regional AnalysisDecember 2019Postponed from October 2019
Systemic Review: Adult Social Care - UK reportDecember 2019
Compliance Check: Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment (MENE) statisticsDecember 2019/January 2020
Assessment: Motoring Offences Statistics for Northern IrelandJanuary 2020
Compliance Check: UK Sub-National Population ProjectionsWinter 2019/20
Systemic Review: Public Value of Statistics About Post-16 Education and Skills: Phase 2 ReportWinter 2019/20Phase 1 Report
Assessment: UK Labour Market StatisticsMarch 2020
Compliance Check: Survey of Personal IncomesMarch 2020
Compliance Checks: Labour Market Statistics in Northern Ireland, Scotland and WalesMarch 2020
Systemic Review: Mental Health StatisticsSpring 2020 (provisional)Published Outline
Compliance Check: HMRC’s Experimental Statistics on Income Tax, NI contributions, Tax Credits and Child Benefit Statistics for EEA NationalsTo be confirmed
Compliance Check: International Trade in ServicesTo be confirmedPostponed from March 2019
Compliance Check: Key Stage 4 and Multi-Academy Trust PerformanceTo be confirmedPostponed from September 2019
Designation decision: UK Trade AssessmentTo be confirmedPostponed from March 2019
Insight: Data GapsTo be confirmed
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