The Office for Statistics Regulation (OSR) is exploring the value of data and statistics in relation to post-16 education and skills in England.

Good quality and accessible information in this area is important to support the most fair, efficient and effective provision of education and training to meet the needs of both individuals and employers. This report explores the extent to which data and statistics in England meet this need and focusses on three main areas: further education and apprenticeships, higher education, and skills and lifelong learning. It does not aim to present a definitive picture but aims to start a conversation about priority areas for improvements.

In the next phase of our review will we be engaging with users and producers with a specific interest in statistics on this topic in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, to identify the extent to which the accessibility, coherence and data gaps are the same, or different, to those identified in England. We will also continue to engage with stakeholders in England to understand the extent to which producer plans set out in the report will meet their needs.


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