This is one of a series of reports prepared under the provisions of the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007. The Act gives the Statistics Authority power to re-assess whether the Code of Practice for Official Statistics continues to be complied with in relation to official statistics already designated as National Statistics. The report covers the sets of statistics produced by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) reported in:

Energy statistics:

• Digest of UK Energy Statistics (DUKES)

• UK Energy Sector Indicators

• Energy Consumption in the UK

• Energy Trends

• Energy Flow Chart

• UK Energy in Brief

• Quarterly Energy Prices

• Monthly Central Feed-in Tariff Register Statistics

Sub-national energy consumption statistics:

Sub-national electricity consumption statistics

• Sub-national gas consumption statistics

• Sub-national road transport fuel consumption statistics 

• Sub-national residual fuel consumption statistics

• Sub-national total final energy consumption statistics

• Sub-national electricity and gas consumption data below Local Authority Level

Emissions statistics:

Carbon Dioxide Emissions at Local Authority and Regional Levels

• UK Greenhouse Gas Emissions – provisional

• UK Greenhouse Gas Emissions – final

Fuel poverty statistics:

Annual Report on Fuel Poverty Statistics

The previous assessments of these sets of statistics were reported in Assessment reports 5, 20, 31 and 53. Annex 3 presents the Requirements from the previous assessments. The Statistics Authority has chosen to reassess these statistics as part of its ongoing programme of re-assessment.

The Act allows an appropriate authority to request an assessment of other official statistics in order for them to gain National Statistics status. In response to such a request, this report also covers the sets of statistics produced by DECC and reported in:

The National Energy Efficiency Data Framework (NEED):

Summary of Analysis using the National Energy Efficiency Data-Framework Part I: Domestic Energy Consumption (NEED Part 1)

• Summary of Analysis using the National Energy Efficiency Data-Framework Part II: Impact of Energy Efficiency Measures in Homes (NEED Part 2) 

Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation (ECO) statistics:

• Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation monthly (GDS monthly)

• Green Deal, ECO and insulation levels – quarterly (GDS quarterly)

Home Insulation statistics:

• Estimates of Home Insulation Levels in Great Britain

Section 3 of this report adopts an ‘exception reporting’ approach – it includes text only to support the Requirements made to strengthen compliance with the Code and Suggestions made to improve confidence in the production, management and dissemination of these statistics. This abbreviated style of report reflects the Head of Assessment’s consideration of aspects of risk and materiality. The Assessment team nonetheless assessed compliance with all parts of the Code of Practice and has commented on all those in respect of which some remedial action is recommended.

UK Energy Sector Indicators, Energy Consumption in the UK and UK Energy In Brief are compendium publications. Assessments of compendium publications against the Code of Practice relate to the processes involved in preparing the publication, rather than in producing the statistics that are included. The National Statistics designation relating to the compendium is not automatically conferred on any of the constituent series. Those sets of statistics will normally be subject to separate assessment to attain National Statistics status, but in some cases a compendium publication may include other statistics where this is helpful context. Designation of a compendium publication as National Statistics therefore means that the producer body has, for example: identified and met user needs in terms of the content of the publication; considered the appropriateness of each series for inclusion; and written appropriate commentary.

This report was prepared by the Authority’s Assessment team, and approved by the Assessment Committee on behalf of the Board of the Statistics Authority, based on the advice of the Head of Assessment.

Statistics on Energy and Climate Change: Letter of Confirmation as National Statistics

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