Crime and Justice

We include statistics on crime; justice systems (family, civil and criminal); and policing in this theme. It encompasses statistics about people, organisations and money.

To date we have published our  review of crime and justice statistics across the UK (October 2017) and our review of family, civil and criminal justice statistics (July 2018). We have started our work looking at the value of statistics on policing to the public debate. We will continue dialogue with statistics producers and stakeholders across the UK to support improvements to the statistics and data in the areas we have reviewed and publish updates periodically about developments. The two reviews we have completed so far have informed a broader review of data linkage.

Earlier this year, we confirmed the National Statistics status of statistics from the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey. And we awarded National Statistics status to new statistics from the Crime Survey for England and Wales on Fraud and Computer Misuse for the first time. We have completed the first in a series of three compliance checks of the Northern Ireland Safe Communities Survey, which will run over the next two years.

We have also completed a compliance check of Prison Population Projections, the first in a series of compliance checks on justice statistics that we will carry out over this year and next.

Contact: Pat MacLeod or Lewis Jack


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