Crime and Justice

Our interest in crime and justice statistics is broad – put simply it includes any statistics that are about crime or about justice. It starts with crime and includes the people and organisations affected by or involved in crime. It extends to the justice system – including civil and family justice – and the people and organisations within it. It also includes statistics on the general public’s perceptions of crime and justice.

We published our review of crime and justice statistics across the UK in April 2017 and subsequently published the international report that formed part of the review. We are now looking at justice statistics – including civil and family justice – in more detail.

Coming out of last year’s work, we held roundtable discussions in June and July 2017. One of these was for organisations across the UK producing official statistics. It looked at how they might work together so that crime and justice statistics can better reflect changes to crime and justice in the real world. The second involved organisations producing official statistics for England and Wales and looked at opportunities for sharing and linking data on crime and justice statistics.

We have completed our assessment of statistics from the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey. We are also talking to the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency about assessing the Northern Ireland Crime Survey.

We will continue our dialogue with the Office for National Statistics about progress on improving the quality of police recorded crime statistics.

Contact: Pat MacLeod or Catherine Bromley


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