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We are interested in statistics and data concerning the health of the UK population and on the health and care services provided in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Our focus includes information on health care provision, social care provision, health status and disease, disability, cause of death, and health and safety at work. We are also interested in the personal, social, economic, and environmental factors influencing health.

Our vision is to support collaboration between statistics producers who are linking and analysing data about cost, outcomes and people’s lived experiences – of health and social care. We also champion the joining-up of data on health and social care with data on other aspects of people’s lives, including crime, justice, education, employment and welfare. This allows the production of richer and more relevant data and statistics to generate new insights, enhance public debate, and increase decision-makers’ confidence in the evidence before them.

Current and recent activities


Systemic Reviews:

  • As a follow-up to the Joining Up Data for Better Statistics systemic review, we have been working with NHS Digital, data users and other interested organisations to identify ways to ensure that the full potential of English health data can be realised. See our May 2019 update.
  • Our review of Adult Social Care statistics across the UK began in 2018. It aims to improve the quality, consistency and coherence of these statistics by focusing on user needs and putting them at the core of our objectives. We are currently in the reporting phase of the review, having published a blog in February, and a report outlining the key findings for Wales in June 2019. We are holding a round table about Scottish social care statistics in June and are compiling our key findings for England and Scotland with an aim to publish in Autumn 2019. A visual summary of our project is available here.
  • The review of health and care statistics in England that we began in 2015 was formally closed in April 2019. We are keeping in touch with the English Health Statistics Steering Group who have been tasked with ensuring users’ needs for timely, coherent and accessible statistics are being met.
  • We have now published the outline for the Systemic Review of Mental Health Statistics. We are finalising the scope currently and have already met with some producers in England to help define the direction of the review.

Public comment on health and social care statistics:

Contact: Caroline Jones, Catherine Bromley, Sarah Whitehead and Vicky Stone


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