Health and Social Care

We are interested in statistics and data concerning the health of the UK population and on the health and care services provided in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Our focus includes information on health care provision, social care provision, health status and disease, disability, cause of death, and health and safety at work and different contexts (personal, social, economic, and environmental factors) influencing health.

We have been working to improve the coherence and accessibility of the statistics published on health and care in England. This has involved bringing together various organisations (such as NHS Digital, Office for National Statistics, Department of Health, and NHS England) that produce health and care statistics.

The Office for Regulation Business Plan 2017/18 includes plans to continue with our strategic review to drive improvement in health and care statistics with the aim of maximising the value of official statistics to the UK public.


Contact: Caroline Jones, Emma Nash or Kimberly Cullen


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