Housing, Planning and Local Services

The Housing, Planning and Local Services theme includes statistics on current housing (e.g. house building, housing stock, housing by different tenure types, house prices, housing conditions), household estimates and projections, homelessness, housing requirements and commercial, industrial, retail and residential planning. The theme also covers information on local services such as fire and rescue services.

Recent activity includes:

Ongoing work on our systemic review to investigate the coherence and accessibility of statistics on housing at a UK level and in the Devolved Administrations, recognising the growing importance of these statistics in public debate.
Commencing our Phase 2 Assessment of the UK House Price Index and the Northern Ireland House Price Index, following our Phase 1 Assessment in 2015.
Following up on our Assessments of Statistics from the Northern Ireland House Condition Survey; Statistics on Homelessness and Rough Sleeping in England and Statistics on Traveller Caravans.
Correspondence on: Business rates, Homelessness statistics in England, House building targets in England and Rough sleeping statistics.

Contact: Sara James sara.james@statistics.gov.uk or Robert Lee robert.lee@statistics.gov.uk


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