Population and Society

We cover statistics on the size and geographic spread of the population, on the factors driving population change (including births, deaths and migration) and on topics such as families and older people.

We want to uphold public confidence in population data and statistics during a period of significant change and innovation, while enhancing their public value to help ensure a wide range of key decisions are reliably supported. We have done and will continue to do this by employing our range of regulatory tools, informed by an enhanced understanding of the public good.

We have been exploring the extent to which the available data on international migration meet the needs of society and what might be done to fill any gaps. We have reviewed the progress made by the various statistics producers and published a summary of our findings in a letter to the Deputy National Statistician in September 2018. We will continue to monitor the GSS’s progress in using administrative data to transform government migration statistics and will consider whether these sources inform a better understanding of the quality of the existing Migration Statistics Quarterly Report.

We have also recently completed a compliance check of the three sets of National Population Projections and will be following up with producers teams later in the year.

We are current carrying out an assessment of the 2021 Census, produced by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the National Records of Scotland (NRS) and the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA). If you would like to contact us to share your views on the 2021 Census do please get in touch.

Contact:  Marie McGhee or Oliver Fox-Tatum


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