Northern Ireland Terrorism Legislation statistics

22 October 2018

Practice T3.7 of the Code of Practice for Statistics requires the name and contact details of the lead statistician to be included in published statistics. The Northern Ireland Office has told us that it would like to withhold the name […]


Prison Population Projections compliance check

30 October 2018

Mark Pont, Assessment Programme Lead, Office for Statistics Regulation to John Marais, Acting Chief Statistician, Ministry of Justice. Dear John, As you are aware, we recently completed our review of the compliance with the Code of Practice for Statistics of […]

News & Events

Roundtable meetings: opportunities for sharing and linking data

5 July 2017

Statistics on crime and on justice are used a lot — inside and outside of government —but more could be done to look at crime and justice from the perspective of its effect on people and organisations. Increasing the extent […]

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