Use of Policing Statistics in Public Discourse

27 March 2019

The Code of Practice is clear that statistics add value when they support society’s need for information. Our interest in the importance of statistics and data in public discourse reflects that fundamental idea. The choice of policing for our first […]


Reporting the costs of domestic abuse

27 February 2019

Dear Mike, Home Office report: the economic and social cost of domestic abuse in England & Wales Robert Cuffe, Head of Statistics at BBC News, recently contacted us about the estimated cost of domestic abuse that was published in your […]

News & Events

Roundtable meetings: opportunities for sharing and linking data

5 July 2017

Statistics on crime and on justice are used a lot — inside and outside of government —but more could be done to look at crime and justice from the perspective of its effect on people and organisations. Increasing the extent […]

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