Weekly National Flu Report, 18 October 2018 and Weekly all-cause mortality surveillance week 42 (2018) report, 18 October 2018

29 November 2018

This document reports a breach of the Code of Practice for Statistics, or the relevant Pre-release Access to Official Statistics Orders, to which the Code applies as if it included these orders.


Response to statements made on NHS funding

14 January 2019

Letter from Sir David Norgrove to Jon Ashworth MP, dated 14 January 2019, on statements made on NHS funding. Dear Mr Ashworth, I write regarding statements you made about NHS funding on BBC News on 20 November 2018. During an […]

News & Events

OSR publishes NHS Performance Measures Report

28 November 2018

Today, the Office for Statistics Regulation (OSR) has published its report on “The Importance of involving statisticians in the evolution of NHS Performance Measures.” This report focuses on accident and emergency (A&E) statistics in England, Scotland and Wales. It summarises […]

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