ONS – Deaths registered weekly – 31 March 2020

29 April 2020

This document reports a breach of the Code of Practice for Statistics, or the relevant Pre-release Access to Official Statistics Orders, to which the Code applies as if it included these orders.


Rapid review of ONS Opinions and Lifestyle Survey COVID-19 questions

7 April 2020

Dear Sir Ian ONS OPINIONS AND LIFESTYLE SURVEY COVID-19 QUESTIONS I am writing to endorse the new official statistics ONS is about to publish which measure the public’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. I would like congratulate everyone involved for […]

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COVID-19 surveillance and registered deaths data review

21 April 2020

Updated 14 May 2020 Information available on COVID-19 cases and deaths has been developed rapidly in a constantly shifting environment. The work being done by analysts to get this information into the public domain is commendable. There will always be […]

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